Lee International

Information &
Communication Technology


Lee International protects clients’ innovations in the fields of information and communication technologies. The Information communication industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and we adapt quickly to this trend. Our attorneys have broad experience representing clients in the technical fields involving software, wireless telecommunications, artificial intelligence, block chain and fintech, many with prior careers within the industry. Our patent prosecution expertise includes preparing and filing patent applications, administrative appeals and petitions. Lee International provides a full range of IP and legal services to protect clients’ innovations.
  • Lee International has notable experience in the prosecution of software patent applications. We advise clients in diverse fields of the software industry, on matters that include operating systems and numerous types of applications for mobile devices and computer systems.

  • Our firm represents wireless telecommunication clients around the globe. We provide them with our IP and legal services for standard essential patents (SEPs) and non-SEPs in the areas of wireless telecommunications and Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Lee International helps clients secure patents relating to Artificial Intelligence technology.

  • We effectively represent multimedia-related companies in the areas of video and audio CODEC, streaming services and set-top boxes.

  • In the growing market for Financial Technology (Fintech), Lee International has significant experience advising clients in the Fintech industry. We help our clients secure patents related to blockchain technology, including blockchain-based payment systems and e-commerce.


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