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Dong-Yup KIM

Affiliated Patent Attorney

Dong-Yup Kim is an Affiliated Patent Attorney at Lee International IP & Law. Having an outstanding ability in patent trial and litigation, Mr. Kim worked as an examiner in semiconductors and BM inventions for 13 years at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Also, thanks to his two-year experience in serving as a team head of PCT international Search & Preliminary examination Division Ⅱ, Mr. Kim is well-versed in practical affairs of domestic/overseas filings.

In addition, Dong-Yup Kim served as a patent judge at the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (IPTAB) for 6 years and as a judicial technical examiner at the Intellectual Property High Court for two years. As such, he has also experienced various cases in patent trials and litigations in addition to patent filings and registrations.
In particular, he has various practical experiences in the fields of electric and electronic materials and electric and electronic parts.
When working at KIPO, Mr. Kim’s excellent capability as examiner/patent judge was well-recognized, winning best patent examiner commendation, excellent examination department commendation and best judgment division commendation.

After 23 years of his career at KIPO and IPTAB, Dong-Yup Kim is now working as patent attorney since 2020.

His main practice area includes responses to interviews with examiners and reviews of amendments for registration of patent filed. He takes into account the position of examiners while efficiently reflecting clients’ needs, which lead to excellent outcomes with high satisfaction among clients.

Not only in the field of examination but also in patent trial/patent litigation cases, Mr. Kim organizes the key issues of the case and represents clients’ position well based on his in-depth experience, maintaining a very high rate of winning in cases in charge.

In addition to handling patent examination/patent trial cases, Mr. Kim is also very interested in investigations by the Korean Intellectual Property Office special judicial police, invention related to the duties, and analysis of patent technology trends of promising technologies.

Dong-Yup Kim obtained a Ph.D. by majoring in metallurgical engineering at Yonsei University Graduate School and completed master's course at Chungnam National University Graduate School of Law, so he is proficient in both professional skill and legal principles.
In addition, Mr. Kim was a visiting researcher at the National Research Institute of Metal in Japan.

Clients who worked with Dong-Yup Kim show quite a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn serves the biggest advantage of him as professional.

T. 82-2-2262-6278

F. 82-2-2279-3621

Practice Area

  • Responding to the examiner interview/Re-examination interview of the patent application filed by KIPO

  • Representation of the patent trials and appeals filed by IPTAB

    - Appeal against examiners’ decision to reject patent applications

    - Appeal for correction

    - Trial for invalidation

    - Trial to confirm the scope of rights

    - Trials to for cancellation of counterpart’s patent

  • Representative of patent case filed by Intellectual Property High Court/Supreme court

  • Consultation on patent infringement litigation and special judicial police investigation cases

  • Research of the patent trends and the consultation for the establishment of technology acquisition strategy

  • A member of policy research evaluation committee of KIPO

  • Consulting on the invention related to the duties and the compensation for employee’s invention


  • Chungnam National University Graduate School of Law (Dep. of Patent; completed Master’s course)

  • Yonsei University Graduate School (Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering, 1991)

  • Yonsei University Graduate School (M.S., Metal Engineering, 1985)

  • Yonsei University College of Engineering (B.S., Metal Engineering, 1983)


  • Affiliated Patent Attorney, Lee International IP & Law (2022.01~Present)

  • Chief Patent Judge in electrical and electronic communication field (2017.02~2019.12)

  • Head of PCT International Search & Preliminary examination Division Ⅱ (2015.02~2017.01)

  • Judicial Technical Examiner, Intellectual Property High Court (2013.01~2015.01)

  • Head of Electronic Commerce Examination Division (2010~2012)

  • Patent Judge in Electrical and electronic field (2007~2010)

  • Examiner in LED/semiconductor/solar cell electric element fields (1997~2007)

  • Visiting Researcher, Metal Materials Research Institute of Japan (1994.10~1995.10)

  • Senior Researcher, Ssangyong Central Research Institute (1992.01~1997.09)

  • Commissioned Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (1987~1991)


  • Admitted as a Korean Patent & Trademark Attorney (2002)


  • Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA)


  • Commendation from the President (2019)

  • Award from Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Publications / Presentations

    < Publications >

  • Commentary on the Employee’s Invention System (on Patent Law Research Society) (joint authorship; 2015.11)

  • Knowledge on Patents (the 8th Edition), (joint translation; 2011.01)

  • How to write patent specification (the 3rd Revision), (joint translation; 2008.05)

  • Magnetic Materials Science (joint translation; 1991)

    • < Presentations >

  • Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development: Lecture on LED patent trend and employee’s invention, etc.

  • Korean Patent Attorneys Association: Patent trial practice (2019.09) and others

  • Judicial Research and Training Institute: Introduction on patent examination and trial (for investigators; 2018.02 and 2019.02)

  • Judicial Research and Training Institute: Understanding of patent specifications (for judges; 2014.04)

  • Etc

    • Languages : Korean, Japanese, English

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