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IP Transactions &


Lee International aids its clients with IP-related transactions and licensing in connection with technology transfers, IP licensing, IP evaluations, IP due diligence and mergers and acquisitions. We can handle multi-jurisdictional IP transactions and licensing matters depending on the needs of our clients, utilizing our team of professionals including attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys and advisory members with lengthy experience in different industries. Our attorneys have abundant experience assisting clients with IP due diligence and clearance issues for licensed properties.

  • Our firm represents companies engaged in mergers and acquisitions and assists them with making strategic decisions for the smooth transfer of IP assets. Our attorneys understand current technologies, merger and acquisition agreements, and the value of asset assignments.

  • Lee International analyzes the value of IP rights by assessing the technological value, validity and marketability of intellectual property rights.

  • We also have significant experience in developing creative negotiation strategies and successfully negotiating technology transactions.

  • Lee International performs IP due diligence by checking the status of target IP assets and evaluating them.


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