Lee International

IPTAB Proceedings


Lee International represents both patent challengers and patent owners before the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (IPTAB). Our clients enjoy a high success rate in appeals proceedings based on the long-accumulated technical and legal experience of our attorneys. Lee International is devoted to protecting its clients’ intellectual property rights and interests utilizing our abundant experience with patent cancellation actions, invalidation actions and confirmation of scope actions.

  • Lee International helps clients secure broader and more robust intellectual property rights by making technically and legally persuasive arguments in appeals against final rejections during prosecutions of patent, utility model, trademark and design applications.

  • A patent cancellation action may be instigated by a third party within six months of the publication of a patent. Lee International rigorously defends our clients’ patents in these patent cancellation actions with our seasoned attorneys performing meticulous analyses of the technologies involved. Conversely, our firm also has broad experience and a history of success in canceling defective patents of others to protect our clients’ intellectual property interests.

  • Invalidation actions against patent, utility model, design or trademark registrations may be instigated by an interested party or an examiner. Lee International employs a versatile team of attorneys and technical experts who capably represent our clients’ interests, whether it be in rigorously defending their intellectual property rights or challenging a competitor’s intellectual property rights in an invalidation action.

  • A confirmation of scope action may be filed to confirm the scope of protection of patents, utility models, trademarks and designs by an interested party or a rightful holder of the intellectual property rights. The decision in a confirmation of scope action can contribute to quickly ending, or preventing in advance, conflicts among interested parties. It may also be used as persuasive evidence in various infringement lawsuits.
    Lee International has obtained declaratory judgements on the scope of protection in both offensive and defensive confirmation-of-scope actions, and skillfully utilized them in subsequent lawsuits.


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