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Safeguarding chemical and materials science-based innovations has become increasingly important, frequently requiring a cross-disciplinary approach with other technologies. The rapidly changing technology in the field of semiconductors, display materials and battery materials often leads to increasing numbers of patent disputes.

The attorneys on our Chemistry team have rich experience and expertise in all chemistry-related technical areas, including organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, agricultural chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and food engineering, and they provide legal services for clients in multiple chemical industries. Lee International provides a full range of IP services including patent portfolio development, prosecution and litigation in this field of technology.
  • Lee International has created an integrated team to meet the demand for a cross-disciplinary approach to supporting clients with continuously evolving innovative technology. Our firm represents clients of all sizes in the chemical synthesis industry developing small molecules, polymers, catalysts, chemical processes and refinery processes.

  • Lee International has experts with lengthy experience in material sciences. Our attorneys provide in-depth comments and analysis on future prospective technologies, including secondary lithium batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, semiconductor materials, display materials, polymers, plastics, carbon materials and fibers.

  • Lee International’s team of experts and specialists understands our clients’ need for having a competitive advantage. We develop comprehensive protection and enforcement strategies specific to the consumer product industry. Our consumer products experience includes cosmetics, beauty care products, food and beverages, daily necessities and sanitary products, among others.


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