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Lee International works with clients to protect their businesses and IP assets in the electronics industry. Our patent attorneys have specialized technical knowledge in semiconductors, storage solutions, displays, other electric devices and electronic circuits. Many of our attorneys have a detailed technical understanding of the electronics industry from their years of working in that industry prior to becoming attorneys. Our Electronics team provides clients with strategic advice to manage and license their patent portfolios and effectively assists clients to secure superior results in prosecution and in patent infringement and validity actions.
  • Lee International is heavily involved in the semiconductor industry and represents numerous clients related to semiconductor technologies including those providing semiconductor materials, semiconductor devices, semiconductor manufacturing processes and semiconductor equipment. We leverage our vast experience in the full range of semiconductor technologies to counsel clients from developing a patent portfolio to safeguarding their key technologies.

  • Lee International capably represents companies on assets related to data storage technologies including D-RAM, NAND flash, flash-based storage and HDD.

  • Lee International has worked in nearly every field of display technology. Our firm beneficially represents companies on matters related to display technologies including materials, elements and driver circuits for LED and OLED, and 3D displays.

  • Our firm also sagely advises and represents companies in matters related to electrical and electronic circuits, including analog and digital signal processing circuits, power management circuits, sensors and MEMS.


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