Lee International

Patent Searches


Lee International has widespread expertise and experience navigating through many different fields of technology. Our prior art search services help to protect and maximize the value of clients’ intellectual property rights. The depth of technical expertise of our attorneys ensures that each prior art search is performed based on accurate terminology, appropriately expanded keywords and related applicants and IPC classifications to reduce potential liabilities. Lee International performs prior art search services in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. We also provide non-patent literature searches.

  • Our firm helps clients reduce liabilities from the pre-filing stage until after registration by conducting prior art searches. Lee International has broad experience securing stronger patents and successfully influencing the search and/or the examination procedure of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) with third-party observations based on our prior art search results.

  • Lee International professionals adroitly utilize prior art searches for invalidity challenges or patent cancellation actions.

  • Lee International helps our clients to access and minimize potential infringement liabilities by conducting freedom to operate searches prior to our clients commercializing their technology.


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