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Life Sciences


The life sciences industry has seen comprehensive advances and increasing productivity in the agriculture and livestock fields, the development of new drugs, and the establishment of a systems that can cope with new diseases or aging, by providing individually customized medical solutions based on genomics. Lee International professionals possess a detailed understanding of the life science industry from both legal and scientific perspectives. Lee International advises clients in the life science industry in such fields as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and agriculture and medical implants. Our attorneys on the Life Sciences team provide professional IP services with diverse technical knowledge and industry experience. The Life Sciences team also has unequaled experience representing clients in life sciences industries for patent portfolio development, prosecution, and litigation.
  • Securing broad, enforceable and durable patents is very important for pharmaceutical clients. Lee International is known for effectively securing robust patents for clients in the pharmaceutical industry who are developing new pharmaceutical substances such as small molecules and biologics, and incrementally modified drugs through research on new combinations, new crystalline forms or salt, and new formulations.

  • Lee International knowledgeably represents clients in the industry of animal biotechnology, including companies developing transgenic animals and researching stem cells, eggs, and embryos; medical biotechnology companies developing antibodies, vaccines, diagnosis kits, drug delivery systems, and gene therapy through genetic engineering; and environmental biotechnology companies producing biofuels from biomass and developing sewage and waste treatments by using microorganisms.

  • Our firm effectively represents food and agriculture companies or individuals developing and manufacturing health functional foods, food additives, biofertilizers, and biopesticides, as well as those developing and breeding genetically modified plants and new plant varieties.

  • Lee International has significant experience advising clients in the medical implant industry related to artificial organs through cell therapy and tissue engineering.


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