Lee International



Lee International has a wide variety of experience serving clients in the fields of transportation, energy and semiconductor manufacturing devices. Our attorneys are also very familiar with protecting inventions related to home appliances, footwear & sports equipment, medical devices, alloy and metallurgy. Many of our attorneys have worked for corporations or the government and have been actively involved in all phases of product development.
  • Our Machinery team has advised on collaborations with various companies in the automotive industry and the shipbuilding industry. Our expertise in automotive, mechanics, shipbuilding and manufacturing helps to efficiently serve our clients operating in this space.

  • Lee International understands that the traditional power plant industry is transitioning into the renewable energy industry, with its attention on new technologies such as smart grid technology for efficient use of generated electric energy. Lee International’s Machinery team has years of experience in representing clients in the energy plant and energy-related fields involving renewable energy, as well as in traditional fossil fuel and nuclear power generation systems.

  • Lee International works with clients from diverse areas of the semiconductor industry. Our Machinery team is a leader in representing clients in connection with semiconductor manufacturing devices in Korea. Attorneys of Lee International’s Machinery team file a very large number of applications related to semiconductor manufacturing devices each year.

  • Our firm represents numerous clients in the medical device industry in connection with their medical devices such as dialyzers, blood analyzers, stents and surgical instruments, as well as dental products such as orthodontic appliances and dental implants.


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