Lee International

Trademark Protection


Lee International helps clients establish, prosecute and protect their brands. Lee International provides comprehensive services in prosecution, licensing and enforcement to protect clients’ trademark assets in Korea. Our trademark attorneys have substantial experience in trademark prosecution, oppositions and litigation, including cancellation/invalidation actions before the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and Korean courts. Lee International works tirelessly to protect clients’ brands from counterfeiters and has been working with law enforcement agencies and investigators to participate in investigations and assist with raids against counterfeiters.
  • Lee International counsels its clients to appropriately select and/or amend their trademark classes for goods and services, prior to and during prosecution of the trademark applications, to protect clients’ brands. The firm provides trademark-monitoring services for third-party trademark use. Our trademark attorneys regularly file third-party observations and oppositions.

  • Lee International works closely with the Korea Customs Service (KCS) to prevent counterfeit goods from being imported into Korea. These anti-counterfeiting efforts include recording clients’ trademark and copyright registration documents with the KCS, submitting authenticity opinions to verify the authenticity of products reported for customs clearance, investigation and raids, filing for a preliminary or permanent injunction and requesting the seizure or the destruction of counterfeit goods.

  • Lee International conducts trademark availability searches on marks and determines the registrability of the marks and the likelihood of infringement.

  • Lee International has lengthy experience identifying, registering and maintaining domain names of clients. Our Trademark team has successfully helped clients with domain name strategies and enforcement, and our trademark attorneys are highly experienced in addressing domain name disputes.


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