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Shang-Hi RHEE

Senior Advisor / Patent Attorney

Shanghi Rhee is a senior advisor of Lee International IP & Law. He is a former minister of Science & Technology of Korea and a patent attorney. Before joining the firm, Dr. Rhee served as President of the Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA) from 2004 to 2006. Dr. Rhee was a member of the Korean Assembly (11th, 12th, 15th, 16th), Minister of Science & Technology and Chairman of the Presidential Council on Science and Technology.

Additionally, Dr. Rhee served as a consultant of the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), advisor of the Korean Invention Patent Association, Chief Director of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Metal, Chairman of the Korea Invention Promotion Association and President of the Korean Society for the Gifted. In 1995, he was appointed Distinguished Professor of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Dr. Rhee received his Ph. D. from Seoul National University School of Pharmacy. He passed the national examination to qualify as a patent attorney in 1973. In 1976, he studied and researched at Georgetown University Law School, where he majored in patent law, antitrust and unfair competition. Dr. Rhee taught at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 1981. He received an Order of Merit Service Blue Stripes (1st grade prize for public services) in 1990.

In September 2005, Dr. Rhee was elected as President of the Trim & Fitness International Sport for All Association (TAFISA). He also serves as President of the Korea Association of Cyber Education and Chairman of Young Astronauts Korea.

T. 82-2-2279-3631

F. 82-2-2273-4605

Practice Area

  • Chemistry

  • Pharmacy


  • Pukyong National University (Honorary Ph.D. in Economics, 2001)

  • Korea University Graduate School of Media & Communication (Advanced Media Program, 2001)

  • Korea University Graduate School of Computer & Information Technology (Advanced Information & Communication Program, 2000)

  • Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration (Development Policy Researcher’s Program, 1978)

  • Business School of Seoul National University (Advanced Management Program; 1978)

  • Georgetown University Law Center (Completed Patent Examiners’ Program in the United States Patents and Trademark Office, 1976)

  • Seoul National University (Ph.D., Pharmacy, 1973)

  • Seoul National University (B.S., Pharmacy, 1966)


  • Senior Advisor, Lee International IP & Law (2006~Present)

  • President, Korea Patent Attorneys Association (2008~Present)

  • President, Trim & Fitness International Sport For All Association(TAFISA) (2005~Present)

  • Economic Adviser, Songyuan-shi, Haiyang-shi, Yantai-shi, China

  • President, Korea Association of Cyber Education (2001~ Present)

  • President, Asiania Sport For All Association (2000~ Present)

  • Distinguished Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (1995~ Present)

  • Chairman, Greenopia Institute for Technology & Economics (1985~ Present)

  • Chairman, Young Astronauts Korea (1989~ 2010)

  • President, Korea Patent Attorneys Association (2004~2005; 2008~2009)

  • Member, The 16th National Assembly (2000)

  • Special counselor of President, Grand National Party (1998)

  • Chairman, The Policy Committee, Grand National Party (1998)

  • Member, The 15th National Assembly (1996)

  • Chairman, International Society for Technology & Information Sciences

  • Member, Science, Technology, Information & Telecommunication CommitteeMember of Globalization Policy (1995)

  • Chairman, Korea Entertainment System Industry Association (1995)

  • Chairman, Korea Invention Promotion Association (1994)

  • Chairman, The Presidential Council on Science & Technology (1993)

  • President, The Korean Society for the Gifted (1991)

  • Korea Institute of Machinery and Metals (1990)

  • Minister, Science of Technology of Korea (1988)

  • Member (12th Term), National Assembly (1985)

  • Advisor, Korea Invention Patent Association (1982)

  • Member (11th Term), National Assembly (1981)

  • Professor, KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) (1981)

  • Member, Screening Committee of Korea Patent Office (1977)

  • Consultant, Korea and Seoul Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1976)


  • Admitted as a Korean Patent & Trademark Attorney (1973)


  • Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA)

  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)

  • International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI)

Awards & Recognition

  • Jang Young-sil Award Grand Prize (2004)

  • Order of Service Merit Blue Stripes (first grade prize for public services) (1990)

Publications / Presentations

  • The Future of Korea depends on Scientific Brains (2008)

  • A Science President at The Bottom (2003)

  • For university student - A guide to make money by invension & business (1999)

  • Translation to Korean Language, Creativity and the Mind (1999)

  • How to care for gifted child (Co-authored by Ambassador of Israel, Asher Naim) (1998)

  • For housewife - A guide to make money by invention & business KAIST kids, run into the patent war, Now talk about the future (1997)

  • A book 21C President should read IQ 100 of Genius, IQ 150 of Fool (Co-authored by Ambassador of Israel, Asher Naim) (1996)

  • Effective of science and technology administration (1995)

  • 21C vision of information highway construction (1994)

  • Education reform to strengthen competitiveness (1993)

  • Research related with international cooperation of hi-tech electronic industry (1987)

  • National policy for the promotion of human engineering (1987)

  • Policy research on development of Korea aeronautic & space industry (1987)

  • Institution research on related laws for expediting the development of alternative energy (1986)

  • Idealism of hi-tech society (1984)

  • Theory of development of hi-tech industry (1984)

  • Reports on visit of countries in African continent (Gabon, Kenya, Botswana) (1983)


  • Languages : Korean, English, Japanese
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