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Lee International has its roots in technology and cross-border transactions.  It began operating in 1961 as a patent firm, serving the needs of international corporations doing business in Korea.  

As Korean international commerce and technology has grown and become exceptionally sophisticated over the past 58 years, so too has Lee International evolved to become a highly sophisticated full service law and intellectual property firm, with unsurpassed knowledge and experience at the intersection of technology and law, and with a keen understanding of the needs of international clients in cross-border transactions. 
Lee International understands technology like no other law firm and it uses that understanding and the experience of its seasoned attorneys, patent attorneys, scientists and advisors to protect and promote the interests of its clients in Korea and abroad. 
Additionally, with a team of former judges, prosecutors, experienced private practice attorneys and senior foreign attorneys, supported by a large number of attorneys who were former judicial law clerks, Lee International possesses the legal firepower needed to handle the broad range of legal services entrusted to the firm by the many Korean chaebols and multinational conglomerates who comprise its global Fortune 100 company clients.

  • Breadth and Depth of Expertise

    Lee International IP & Law Group has been broadening and refining its legal and business expertise for more than 58 years

    Since the founding of the firm in 1961, our practice has continuously grown and expanded to meet the evolving needs of our domestic and international clients. Lee International offers a full range of legal services applicable to modern international business, including advice and representation in finance, real estate, M&A, general corporate, antitrust and fair trade, health care, domestic and foreign litigation and international arbitrations, labor, tax, general commercial, entertainment, customs, international trade remedies, government investigations, criminal matters and others. These practice areas are, of course, in addition to our long-standing intellectual property practice.

    Clients have praised us for our technical, legal and cross-border business expertise. Our practice has continued to grow and flourish by providing practical and creative solutions to complex legal issues.

    A practice built on establishing partnerships with our clients

    A partnership consists of individuals and organizations working together toward a common goal. We work with our clients as a partner to achieve their desired goals. Our firm prides itself on our ability to communicate with our clients and the transparency with which we provide advice. We don’t tell our clients that they must approach a matter in a certain way because we say that is the way it must be done. We provide clear reasons for our recommendations so that our clients fully understand and can evaluate the basis for our advice when making decisions on how they would like to proceed. We don’t dictate to our clients how legal matters are to be handled. We fully engage and partner with them to develop the best way to approach the case so that we accomplish their goals. We understand that our clients’ success equates to our own success.

    A philosophy of delivering value to our clients

    We are not a dinosaur law firm, handling matters ponderously in the same manner every time with an army of lawyers duplicating each other’s efforts. We are nimble and creative. We staff legal matters to meet the needs of the case – not the needs of the law firm. We keep the staffing lean, assigning only necessary professionals with the requisite knowledge and experience to get the job done. We are always looking for better ways to accomplish our goals as efficiently as possible. And by carefully managing our overhead we are able to keep our rates extremely competitive. This enables us to provide the highest quality services in a very cost-effective manner.

    Lee International is proud of its highly qualified professional staff

    One factor that makes us stand out is our people. Lee International is staffed with skilled and qualified professionals, including over 110 attorneys and patent attorneys, as well as many scientists, engineers and paralegals. Our senior partners include a former Korea Supreme Court Justice, a former Chief Prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office and a number of former Senior Judges of the District Courts. Many of our members are bilingual, with fluency in English, Japanese, Chinese and German. Our professionals include an outstanding team of very experienced senior foreign attorneys, bridging the gap between cultures and different legal systems. Our foreign attorneys help enable us to handle intricate cross-border transactions, complex litigation matters and alternative dispute resolution, with an eye toward efficient, effective resolution.

    In addition, Lee International has a preeminent group of advisors who provide a valuable network and community of resources. The senior advisors include a former Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization, former Commissioners of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, a former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, and a former Minister of Science and Technology. If our clients encounter issues that extend beyond the traditional legal framework, we are able to effectively pool our resources from our extensive networks to resolve issues quickly, practically and efficiently.

    An Intellectual Property practice that is second to none

    Lee International has been on the cutting edge of intellectual property law in Korea for more than half a century, with unrivalled experience and a sterling reputation in the market. Our IP Department remains among the largest in Korea, providing a full range of intellectual property services with technical competency and certainty. Our IP attorneys have extensive hands-on experience working at the intersection of law and technology. They and our other IP professionals provide our clients with a level of expertise, attention and service that allows our clients to sleep at night, knowing that their most valuable assets are being well-protected.

  • One-stop Business Support

    At Lee International, we have learned that providing legal services alone is not sufficient to meet the needs of our clients in their global business activities. For that reason, our firm has created a number of affiliated sister organizations to help provide other types of support to our clients for their business activities in Korea and abroad.

    International Trade Consulting Services

    The Institute for Trade & Investment (“ITI”) is an international trade consulting group that is an integral part of Lee International. ITI provides a wide range of consultancy services pertaining to all aspects of international trade. We are equipped to offer turn-key solutions to both domestic and foreign companies, as well as to government organizations.

    Brand Management & Licensing Services

    Infiniss is Lee International’s brand management and licensing group. Infiniss provides brand-management consulting and brand licensing advice and negotiations to its clients on the basis of its in-depth understanding of both domestic and international markets.

    Brand Strategy & Design Consultancy Services

    Infinite is a Lee International associate company offering customized services pertaining to brand and image design, naming, trademark design and selection, business strategies and investigations.

  • Global Network

    Lee International draws upon a global network of law firms and other professional organizations, which provide a wealth of up-to-date local expertise the world over.

    • Martindale-Hubbell is one of the best known and most widely utilized providers of legal services information, offering reliable information about law firms and attorneys in markets worldwide. Lee International has frequently ranked first among 59 Korean firms in terms of the number of weekly profile views. To see more Click here!
    • Managing Intellectual Property Magazine provides the latest news, insights and commentaries on the leading stories and developments in the world of IP law. MIP has ranked Lee International as one of top IP firms in Korea. To see more Click here!
    • Asian-Mena Counsel Magazine is published by Pacific Business Press and distributed to more than 28,000 readers, of whom 18,000 act as in-house counsel or in compliance roles across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Lee International is pleased to be a regular contributor to the magazine, and to have received positive recognition by this publication on multiple occasions. To see more Click here!
    • The Legal 500 is a directory of the most highly regarded law firms and practitioners worldwide, and is compiled using independent researchers who interview clients, competing firms and professionals. Lee International regularly is recognized in this directory as a top Korean law firm.
      To see more Click here!

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Chinese Chinese

Lee International IP & Law Group自1961年成立以来,以知识产权为中心在各个领域为国内、国外客户提供了最全面、最专业、最优质的法律服务,赢得了客户高度信任和赞誉。 随着世界经济状况所带来的企业经营情况的巨变,越来越多的国内、国外客户要求更多经验和专业知识的综合性法律服务。Lee International IP & Law Group顺应全球化、服务专业化及特定时期时代所赋予的责任和要求,在诉讼和仲裁、公司业务、知识产权、贸易投资研究、关税和贸易、外汇及税务等诸多领域,集粹了众多具有丰富事务经验和专业知识的国内、国外律师、专利申请代理人、关税师、会计师以及顾问团队,并针对每一业务特性有机组成覆盖各个领域的专业团队,为客户面临的法律问题提供最全面、最专业、最优质的法律服务。 Lee International IP & Law Group所提供的法律服务,不仅仅局限于为客户解决单纯的法律问题,而是在全面掌握和分析客户面临的问题后,通过提示更为积极的解决方案等方式提供综合性法律服务。在急剧变化的经济环境之下,Lee International IP & Law Group愿作为客户发展成为屹立于世界最强企业的垫脚石,成为与客户共同面对和解决问题的同伴者。 Lee International IP & Law Group及所属成员亦郑重承诺,将继续不断寻求自我发展和自我突破,通过成员之间的知识共享及相互协作,为客户提供更为有效和专业化的综合法律服务。

German German

Seit der Gründung im Jahre 1961, hat sich die Kanzlei zum Ziel gesetzt, ihren Mandanten bestmögliche Rechtsberatung zu bieten. Sie umfasst 90 Anwälte für den Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz (Schutz des geistigen Eigentums), die Prozessführung und Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit sowie das Vertragsrecht und angrenzende Rechtsgebiete, die von 210 ausgebildeten Mitarbeitern einschliesslich Wissenschaftlern, Ingenieuren und juristischen Hilfskräften unterstützt werden. Für sie ist es oberstes Gebot, den Erfordernissen jedes einzelnen Mandanten gerecht zu werden. Ihr Streben nach qualitativ optimaler Leistung hat dazu geführt, dass die Kanzlei zu einer der führenden Kanzleien Koreas auf dem Gebiet des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes gezählt wird, die viele der multinationalen FORTUNE 100 und FORTUNE 500 Firmen vertritt.

In dem Bemühen, die Erwartungen der Mandanten zu übertreffen, haben wir uns zu einer Full-service-Firma fortentwickelt, die ihren Mandanten eine umfassendere Beratung als jemals zuvor bietet. Das sich in Korea schnell verändernde Geschäft- und Rechtsumfeld macht es erforderlich, mit der Entwicklung in allen Bereichen Schritt zu halten, um die Bedürfnisse der Mandanten in jeder Hinsicht voll zu befriedigen.

Hierzu wurde eine Anzahl von Anwälten aus den unterschiedlichsten Fachbereichen aufgenommen. Dies ist unsere Investition in die Zukunft unserer Mandanten.

Zu den neuen Mitgliedern zählen ehemalige Anwälte aus den Rechtsabteilungen verschiedener koreanischer Firmen einschliesslich der erfolgreichsten konglomerate oder "chaebol", die in grenzüberschreitenden Transaktionen, Finanzrecht, Verordnungswesen, Grundregeln für die Unternehmensführung (Corporate Governance Kodex) und allgemeinem Gesellschaftsrecht sachverständig sind. Weiterhin stehen Fachleute auf dem Gebiet des internationalen Handelsrecht für die Begleitung erfolgreicher Import- und Exportgeschäfte von Gütern nach und von Korea und zur Errichtung von Unternehmen in Korea zur Unterstützung der Handelstätigkeit zur Verfügung. Unsere Abteilung für Prozessführung hat sich erweitert und umfasst Anwälte, die in den Bereichen Kapitalmarktrecht, Handelsrecht, Bautechnik und Umweltrecht erfahren sind.

Lee International bemüht sich ständig die Dienstleistungen für seine Mandanten zu verbessern und auszuweiten. Wenn Sie zu unseren Mandan zählen, würden wir uns freuen, wenn sie eine engere Bindung an uns in Erwägung zögen. Wenn Sie dagegen unsere Dienste noch nicht in Anspruch genommen haben, würden wir die Möglichkeit für Sie tätig zu werden, begrüssen. Ihre Zufriedenheit hat unsere höchste Priorität.

French French

Depuis sa fondation en 1961, notre cabinet offre des services juridiques de qualité à des clients répartis dans le monde entier. Ⅱ compte plus de 90 avocats spécialisés en matière de contentieux et litiges, transactions, propriété intellectuelle; ainsi que plus de 210 salariés composés de scientifiques ingénieurs et juristes, qui assurent l’efficacité de ses services pour répondre au mieux aux attentes de ses clients, Grâce à nos efforts assidus pour améliorer nos services, nous avons pu nous constituer une solide assise aussi bien sur le marché national qu’international. Par ailleurs, nous sommes reconnus comme étant l’une des meilleures sociétés d’avocats coréennes en matière de propriété intellectuelle, représentant de nombreuses multinationales, ainsi que des sociétés citées dans les classements de la revue Fortune.

Aujourd’hui, le champ d’action des entreprises exige, conformément à la transformation rapide de l’économie, des services exhaustifs fondés sur des connaissances pointues et de l’expérience dans les domains les plus diversifiés. Pour adapter ses compétences aux besoins de ses clients, Lee International dispose d’avocats et de conseils en brevets, ainsi que d’experts-comptables et de conseillers juridiques; forts d’une solide connaissance et de l’expérience accumulée dans les domaines les plus divers : droit commercial, propriété intellectuelle, droit et fiscalité des affaires, comptabilité, à travers son vaste réseau réparti dans le monde entier, et l’étroite collaboration de ses différentes entités, notre cabinet vous offre des services spécialisés et une assistance complète quelque soit votre secteur d’activeté.

Lee International propose à ses clients non seulement des services en matière juridique mais aussi des solutions adaptées à tous types de problèmes auxquels ils peuvent âtre confrontés. Nous sommes ainsi en mesure de contribuer au développement de nos clients de manière à leur permettre d’anticiper l’évolution rapide de l’économie du XXlème Siècle et de rivaliser avec les meilleures entreprises. Et nous vous accompagnerons dans cette évolution avec une attention personnelle à la moindre de vos difficultés.

Nous nous engageons à faire le maximum en partageant nos connaissances et en optimisant l’interaction entre nos entités afin de preposer à nos clients des services dans tous les domaines juridiques.

Russian Russian

С момента своего основания в 1961 году наша компания предоставляет высококачественные юридические услуги клиентам по всему миру. Компания «Lee International» насчитывает более 90 адвокатов, специализирующихся в области разрешения судебных споров, сделок, права интеллектуальной собственности, а также более 210 сотрудников, включая инженеров и юристов, которые обеспечивают эффективность предоставляемых услуг для качественного выполнения пожеланий наших клиентов. Благодаря нашим усилиям, направленным на улучшение качества услуг, мы с успехом представляем интересы наших клиентов в судебных разбирательствах как на национальном, так и международном уровне. Наряду с этим мы известны как одно из лучших корейских объединений адвокатов в области права интеллектуальной собственности, которое представляет интересы ряда многонациональных компаний, а также компаний, включенных в рейтинг журнала «Фортуна». Сегодня, в свете быстрого развития экономики, поле деятельности предприятий требует предоставления полного спектра услуг, которые основываются на узкопрофильных знаниях и опыте в разнообразных областях. Для того чтобы наши возможности соответствовали нуждам клиентов, в компании «Lee International» работают адвокаты и патентные поверенные, а также опытные аудиторы и юрисконсульты, обладающие обширными знаниями в различных областях, в частности: в коммерческом праве, праве интеллектуальной собственности, налоговом праве, бухгалтерском учете. Благодаря использованию широко распространенной сети по всему миру и тесному сотрудничеству с различными организациями, наша компания предлагает Вам специализированные услуги и максимальное содействие в любом секторе Вашей деятельности. Компания «Lee International» предлагает своим клиентам не только юридические услуги, но также решения по любым видам проблем, с которыми они могут столкнуться. Мы также способствуем развитию бизнеса наших клиентов, что позволяет им опередить стремительное развитие экономики ХХ века и конкурировать с наилучшими компаниями. И мы будем персонально сопровождать Вас в процессе развития Вашей компании и предоставлять помощь в случае возникновения у Вас трудностей. Мы обязуемся сделать все возможное, делясь нашим опытом и знаниями, и делая благоприятным сотрудничество между нашими компаниями, с целью предоставления нашим клиентам услуг во всех областях юриспруденции.